As Salaamu Alikum. Hi there! Welcome to MWIT!

Muslim Women in Tech is a community that strives to challenge the perception of Muslim women by highlighting our accomplishments in the technical space and inspiring others through mentorship and collaboration. Our initiatives have included:

  • Regularly publishing our newsletter filled with inspiring content showcasing the accomplishments of our community
  • Running a vibrant Facebook group with over 700 members globally
  • Created a platform to promote discussion and started a speaker series to allow members to share their experiences
  • Facillitated a mentorship program to connect students with industry professionals
  • Started a scholarship program to sponsor an attendee to the Grace Hopper Celebration 2019
  • Organized meet-ups across the Bay Area and Seattle

Through our time working in the industry, we learned how important it is to have role models with similar backgrounds and to feel seen. The best part of running Muslim Women in Tech is bringing light to women who are doing incredible things so that newer sisters have someone to look up to. So that even if someone is the only Muslim woman at her company, she feels a sense of connection and inspiration from knowing that someone like her can be super successful.

The connection we’re talking about is one based on a shared faith and values system with other women who know what it’s like to scramble to find somewhere to pray dhuhr at work. Who went through the crippling anxiety of picking a modest interview outfit (will they think I’m an extremist if I wear my abaya???). Who also whisper alhamdulillah when the code finally works.

This is what we’re building with Muslim Women in Tech. If that sounds like the perfect place for you, be sure to stay connected by joining our group or subscribing to the newsletter. We’re so happy you found us, and we can’t wait to get to know you better!